A new writing gig, and other news

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I’ve updated this page. Obviously, a lot can happen in that time, so I’ll just hit the high-points.

First off, some exciting news. The brilliant writers over at Double X Science (“Science, I am just that into you”), have given me a platform to talk tech. I’ve written two posts so far, one on a nanotech-based test for MRSA, the other on microbe-made biofuels.  (I also penned a few pieces for the Huffington Post, on 3D imaging of individual nanoparticles and in vitro molecular evolution.)

I’ve been named a contributing writer over at BioTechniques, writing TechNews features for them about once a month. Some of my favorites from the past year have discussed cell motility, single-cell genomics, and top-down proteomics. I also got to write a fun piece on molecular gastronomy, and another on how researchers spend — and don’t spend — their startup funds (Run your lab on dollars a day!).

I wrote about strategies labs can use to get by in tough economic times for NatureJobs, and about animal-free toxicology and protein microarrays for Science.

At The Scientist, I’ve covered about flow cytometry and microbiology lab automation, and penned a fun Notebook item on the technicians who work in Michael Davidson‘s microscopy lab at Florida State University (Microscopy Boot Camp).

There’s more, of course. For a complete list of my clips, click here.

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