“Thanks for the link.  Your article is beautifully written and joy to read!  You weave a fine story my friend.  Well done.  Thanks again for the opportunity to be featured in your work.”

— Peter Girguis, John Loeb Professor of Natural Sciences, Harvard University

“Jeff Perkel is the rarest of breeds: A writer with top-flight scientific credentials who writes with vigor about science. I got an education in everything from genomics to HPLC when we worked together at The Scientist. His enthusiasm for these subjects and untold others in the life sciences shines through in everything he writes, and when something doesn’t work, he isn’t afraid to redouble his efforts until it does. Call him when you need a freelance writer, especially in a scientific subject that you realize is far beyond your own expertise.”

— Ivan Oransky, Deputy Editor, The Scientist

“Jeffrey Perkel has a unique set of quallities that have made him one of the best biotechnology journalists I’ve ever worked with. He absolutely loves the technology behind the tools of the trade and will go to great lengths to explain what makes them tick.”

— Brendan Maher, Senior Editor, The Scientist

“Jeffrey, just a note … I thought your piece for tomorrow was really masterful.  Very complicated stuff rendered clearly.  Thanks.”

— Ernie Mundell, Editor, HealthDay News

“Jeff is a dedicated and dependable writer.  His knowledge is broad but not superficial.  He has the essential ability to drill deep into a topic, extract the essence, and present it in an accessible and concise format.  He is a pleasure to work with and is always being willing to keep improving a piece until it is as good as it can be.”

— Sean Sanders, Editor, Science

“Jeff is an editor’s dream freelance writer. I can always count on him to send in polished, well-researched and well-reported copy on deadline, if not before. His work is unfailingly accurate, engagingly and authoritatively written, and produced to the agreed-upon specifications. And because he knows the field so well, he often suggests great ideas for future stories.”

— Alla Katsnelson, Associate Editor, The Scientist

“Jeff Perkel is a pleasure to work with. He consistently delivered well-researched, well-thought out pieces that conveyed large amounts of information written in an informed and approachable style accessible to the specialist and non-specialist alike. His versatility and genuine interest in science are tremendous assets for any client.”

— Lisa Girard, Scientific Editor, Harvard Stem Cell Institute (StemBook.org)

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